Cultural Turkey

Ancient city of Ephesus – One of the best preserved ancient cities, a stroll through these ruins takes you straight back in time. The marvellous structures here include the near intact facade of the Roman Library of Celsus.

Ancient Caria and Lycia – It’s time travelling in a boat. These ruins adorn the rugged coastline and are best viewed from the water. See the remains of Knidos, the rock-cut tombs of Kaunos near Dalyan, and the sprawling site at Xanthos.

Troy & Gallipoli – It’s a two in one history lesson. Visit the legendary site of the Greek epic which is a treasure trove for historians, having as many as 24 excavated levels! Stop by at the battlefield of Gallipoli, where the Allies landed in a bid to capture Istanbul. This site is of special significance to not just the Turks, but to soldiers from far off Australia and New Zealand as well.

Footprint Favorites

Grand & Spice Bazaar


The world’s largest covered market, the Grand Bazaar is every bit as grand as its name suggests.


Painting Class


The Old Stone House (250-years-old) at Gokcebel, serves as the perfect backdrop for the quintessential artist's adventure.


Footprint Special – In this land of bazaars, we’ll help you find the best bargains!