Architectural Spain

Gaudí Trail, Barcelona – Barcelona’s character is defined and celebrated by the majestic and outlandish works of artist Anton Gaudí. Follow the Gaudí trail across the city to see the iconic La Sagrada Familia, Casa Millà, Parc de la Cituadella, Casa Batlló, Plaça Reial and Park Guell.

Cordoba-Granada – Home to the magnificent efforts of the Moors and the Christians, a trip to this part of Spain is all about cultural and historical immersion. Admire the Alhambra, the pinnacle of Moorish artistry and get overawed by Mezquita, the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, where free flowing Islamic architecture blends harmoniously with a Catholic Church.

Seville – One of Spain’s most beautiful and eclectic cities, it makes the architectural list thanks to the soaring Giralda bell tower and the sumptuously rich Alcazar palace.

Museums of Madrid – Madrid is home to world class museums and countless galleries.

Museo Del Prado – Houses the world’s second most visited painting – Las Meninas by Velazquez.

Reina Sofia Museum – Home to Picasso’s Guernica and thousand other must-see pieces.

Thyssen Museum – It is where you catch the best of Surrealist art including Dali’s mind altering “Dream caused by the flight of a bee”.

If time permits, do visit Museo Lázaro Galdiano (enamel & ivory crafts), Museo Cerralbo (El Greco’s Ecstasy of St. Francis of Assisi) and Museo Sorolla (dedicated to the artist Joaquín Sorolla).

Ceramic Museum, Trianna – Appreciate the centuries old tradition of ceramic in Seville at the Centro Ceramica. Built over the kilns of the original factory Santa Ana, the Museum showcases the region’s tryst with this art form.

Footprint Favorites

Ascari Race Resort


Named after the F1 legend Alberto Ascari, this track incorporates all the famous turns of F1 circuits around the world.


Sherry Trails


The home of Sherry and Tapas, Seville is all set to take the gastronomic world by storm. And you can have a ringside view.


La Tomatina Festival


Thou shalt always squeeze and squash a tomato! Live by this cardinal rule at the tomato throwing fest at Bunol, until you drip red!


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