ERA Acrobatics Show – A multimedia extravaganza that fuses traditional Chinese acrobatics with the latest technology!

Food Trails – Scared to venture out on your own? Join any of our handpicked Food trails, where knowledgeable locals will take you to the best stalls to taste legendary Shanghai dishes like juicy xie huang, shēng jiān, crunchy guō tiē, crayfish, hand pulled noodles, xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) and more. Vegetarian & kid friendly tours are also possible.

Shopping – You may want to free up your schedule.

Hongqiao International Pearl City – Pearls of every description are not only found here but are cheaper too! You will get freshwater, South Sea, seed and black pearls plus jade, coral, aquamarine, lapis and turquoise. For the guys, there are floors selling golf gear among other things.

Fakes Market – Enjoy all the thrills of buying luxury ‘fakes’ at a quarter of the price! Han city stocks bags, belts, jackets, shoes, suitcases, sunglasses, ties, T-shirts and electronics. Try the Yatai market in Pudong or the market near the Hongqiao Pearl city for a quieter experience.

Fabric Markets – Head to the South Bund Fabric Market or Shiliupu Fabric , for not just sumptuous fabrics, but to get them tailored as well.

Art Stops – Eye catching art to bizarre installations, Shanghai prides itself on its art scene. Our top recommendations are the Rockbund Art Museum, the Power station of Art (power station turned museum), the radical OV gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Footprint Special – Personal shoppers & customized food trails