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Sámi Cultural Experiences, Inari, Finland – Meet the indigenous people of Lapland, who have mastered the art of surviving the Arctic. Inari is the heart of Finnish Sámi culture and home to, among other things, the Sámi parliament and the Siida Sami museum. Tour these but make sure to get out on a sled, pulled by Norwegian horses to visit the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church (a historic church that served as the winter headquarters of the community). Visit a husky farm and be sure to snuggle around a fire listening to Sámi stories and myths

Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Finland – Yes, it’s official. Santa is real and lives in Finland. Make the trip to Rovaniemi and not only do you get an appointment with Santa, you can feed his reindeer, ice skate and have a great day out at the amusement park. The Arctic Circle cuts the village, so go put that certificate in your stocking.

Christiana, Copenhagen, Denmark – A self-governing hippie city would be on our list any day. This quirky “country” was taken over by squatters who immediately declared it a tax free zone. Today, it still retains its free spirited optimism and is home to quirky public art, cafes, warehouses and restaurants!

Odense, Denmark – The home of Hans Christian Anderson, it features a museum dedicated to its most famous offspring, tours of his house and neighbourhood church. Visitors can also enjoy the Egeskov Castle and Play Forest, the garden island Funen and Denmark’s sole true gothic structure, the Sankt Knuds Kirke.