Port Trails by Boat

Douro, Portugal

Port by port, taste all the Port you want. This is its birthplace and you can float your way to wineries and distilleries, while drinking in the local landscape and culture!

The Douro region in Portugal is not only a UNESCO Heritage Site, but arguably the most beautiful wine growing region in the world. Here the Douro river snakes its way past banks that rise almost vertically. These tumbled granite slopes create a special micro-climate, perfect for growing vines. The grapes are grown on contours and terraces sloping down to the water, making the view unlike any other.

Port, red wine fortified with brandy during fermentation, was transported out of here to England, on Rabelos (old Portugese boats) and some of them still ply on the river, this time carrying wine enthusiasts! Choices of boats and cruises go without saying.

The wine trail floats past the city of Porto, offering you a glimpse of its legendary bridges. Tasting stops include halts at traditional Quintas or estates; where you can sample the entire range from white, ruby, tawny, crusted, late-bottled vintage, single quinta, colheita, to classic vintage. Each with a distinct personality of its own!

The region is now equally proud of its ‘Table Reds’; unfortified red wines that are fast becoming an international rage. Estate cum boutique hotels and gourmet restaurants offer you the finest in Portuguese fare, accompanied by scenery that like its wines is utterly breath-taking.