Natural Oman

Grand Canyon of Oman – Imagine the towering Jebel Shams (mountains of the sun), on the rim of the vast Wadi Nakhar and rocks that turn orange, purple and blue. Inside in the Hoota caves, look for stalactite and stalagmite formations and transparent blind fish that swim in the black lake in the darkest recesses.

Snake Gorge – The Wadi Bani Awf or Snake Canyon is a canyoneer’s dream. The stretch has imposing stone faces (that uncannily resemble the Basilisk), turquoise pools and narrow gorges that seem to go on forever.

Bimah Sinkhole – The emerald green waters of this limestone crater offer a splendid contrast to the Omani desert-scape.

Salalah – Enjoy the blowholes at Mughsayl beach, the quiet of Al Fazayeh beach and the antiquity of old settlements on the Frankincense route. The entire region turns green during the Monsoon!

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Diving in Oman

Colourful corals, teeming marine life, numerous diving sites and world class infrastructure... Australia? No, Footprint brings you the undiscovered gem of the Middle East - Oman.