Cultural Netherlands

Zaanse Schans, Amsterdam – Eight working windmills, cheese manufacturing units, bright green and blue houses, some geese and cows lazing about… what a way to spend a day! It is said that Rembrandt made his paints in one of the windmills here. You could go up and watch it at work.

The Alkmaar Market, Amsterdam – Carrying huge blocks of cheese and trading them is an event that warrants loud applause from onlookers at the Alkmaar cheese market. Sample some, buy some, and revel in the spirit of the market.

Zonneberg Caves, Maastricht – 8,000 man-made tunnels complete with homes, churches and monuments form the Zonneberg Caves. This labyrinthine underground complex was used to store Dutch art during World War II and served as a hideout as well. Only guided tours are allowed as the caves have no electricity.

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