Cultural Mongolia

Golden Eagle Festival, Bayan-Ölgii – Called ‘Lord of the Birds’, they are the only ones who practice ‘horse-riding eagle falconry’. Every year these Kazakh Eagle Hunters gather at Bayan Ölgii to test their prime hunter Golden Eagles for speed, agility and accuracy. Feasting, dancing, parades and a Kazakh play honouring both human and avian participants, keep the festive mood going!

Naadam Games, Ulan Bator – Featuring on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list, the national games of Mongolia are held in July every year. Competitors take part in the 3 Manly Games of Bökh (wrestling), archery and horse riding. With origins in the Middle Ages, the Naadam is a bombastic show of Mongolian sporting flair with the biggest competition being held at the National Sports Stadium in Ulan Bator. Winners are given titles like National Marksman/woman, Tumny ekh (leader of ten thousand) and Titan!

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