Active Kenya

Diving at Vuma cliffs, Kilifi, (Mombasa) – Take a break from the safari and hit the Kilifi region near Mombasa for some diving. The Vuma cliffs have sites perfect for both amateurs and experts. An underwater journey here brings you in contact with shoals of Glassfish, baby Barracuda, Blue Triggerfish, Blue Lined Snappers, Soldierfish, Mangrove Fish, Sweetlips and Scorpionfish.

Mount Kenya Trek (from Nairobi) – A beautiful glacial peak, with amazing twists in the terrain! On the lower slopes are dense bamboo and rainforest, which give way to rare Afro-Alpine moorland and plant-life as you go higher. Catching the sunrise from the top at Point Lenanna is a moment of pure bliss. Trekking here is best done with guides as both the altitude and changes in temperature can take you by surprise.

Footprint Special – Discover the eons past on remarkable fossil hunting tours.