Cultural Japan

Clicking Geishas at Gion, Kyoto – Gion, with its traditional wooden machiya houses is the wellspring of Geisha culture. People flock here to see these exquisitely attired women go about their day. For more quality time with this cultural icon of Japan, book yourself into an Ochaya or teahouse.

Cherry Blossom Viewing, Osaka – Known as the Hanami, viewing the Cherry Blossom is a celebration itself. And Japan’s cultural capital Osaka prides itself on offering the best views & the most joyous parties. The top two spots are the Osaka Castle grounds - Osaka-Jo Koen Park and the private grounds of the Osaka Mint, which is open only for a week. But there are over 175 types of Cherry trees within its confines!

Tea/Sake Tasting Tours, Kyoto – Learn the delicate moves & meaning filled gestures of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Or opt for a Sake tasting tour to get intimate with Japan’s No.1 brew.

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Cooking Class

Kyoto, Japan

Be it making something as simple as Tofu, preparing miso paste or learning to set the table, cooking classes in Kyoto will surely be an enlightening experience.


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