Spiritual Israel

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem – A spellbinding walk that takes you past all 14 stations of the Cross.

Dome of Rock, Jerusalem – The Dome of Rock is built over the stone from which Mohammad ascended to heaven. Jewish lore reveres it as the site of Abraham’s sacrifice.

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem – The Wailing Wall (or gate of tears) is one of the cornerstones of Jewish faith and their anchor to Jerusalem.

Tabgha, Sea of Galilee – The Church of Multiplication at Tabgha (the city of seven springs) stands testimony to the fish & loaves miracle.

Capernaum – Visit the synagogue where Jesus taught & the house of St. Peter.

Bahá’í Gardens, Haifa – 19 terraces along the slope of Mount Carmel, the Bahá’í Gardens are a visual and spiritual delight.

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