Cultural Greece

Acropolis, Athens – The vision of sculptor Pheidias, transformed this rocky hill into a timeless showpiece of Greek glory. See it by day, by night or view it from surrounding terraces - the Acropolis will hold you in thrall. The site has many attractions including the Parthenon, the Old Temple of Athena, the Erechtheum, the Sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia or Brauroneion and the Temple of Athena Nike.

Parthenon, Athens – The Parthenon on the Acropolis dominates the skyline of Athens. The exemplar of Doric architecture, the most important remnant of the classical era, the sculptures and columns of this edifice remind us of the greatness of human civilization.

Olympia – Go back to where it all began. The ruins at Olympia include the Olympic stadium, a temple of Zeus, Hera’s altar (where the torch was lit) and the ruins of Zanes (statues built from fines paid by participants who cheated!). The museum is a must see to grasp the enormity of history behind this legendary site.

Delphi – The sanctuary of Delphi was so stunning and so perfectly situated, it was considered the ‘navel’ of the world, the place where heaven and earth met! The Oracle only added to its weight in the history books. Delphi also hosted the Pythian games, the forerunner of the Olympics. The extensive ruins are situated on multiple terraces on Mount Parnassus and the Sacred Way leads up to the main sanctuary of Apollo. It is dotted with monuments like the treasury of the Athenians, the theatre, the Stadion and the temple of Athena.

Theatre of Epidaurus – Tear a paper on stage and you can hear it at the very last row. The 12,000 seat amphitheatre is a marvel of acoustics and sound engineering. It still hosts performances in summer, drawing the biggest names in showbiz! The other main site is the Sanctuary of Asklepios, the most celebrated healer in Ancient Greece and the son of Apollo.

The Meteora Monasteries – Literally suspended from the sky in Thessaly, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with over 20 rock monasteries, perched precariously on high cliffs. A walking tour will give you interesting stories to narrate when back home!

The Windmills of Mykanos – These captivating, century-old, snow-white windmills have been refurbished and converted into museums. Some serve as vaults to Mykonian heritage documents!

Sandstone Church, Paraportiani – This oddly shaped church is surfeit with interesting tales. While you offer your prayers, also pay tribute to Mykanos’s mascot – Petros the Pelican!

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