Dominating the last few centuries, Europeans have set the standard in art, science, architecture, music, gastronomy and culture. Today this heritage is not only cherished but is forging the next generation of European influenced movements, keeping this multi-lingual, multi-cultural continent the polestar of all things trendy.

Baroque churches, fairy tale castles, Greek ruins and Moorish monuments are juxtaposed with über chic Scandinavian styled buildings. Michelin starred restaurants (they invented the rating) compete with Tapas bars & bistros to satisfy ravenous hordes (they have plenty of experience in that too!). Nature is equally combative, peppering wonders like the Alps, the Dolomites, fjords, volcanoes, beaches and hot springs across the continent. Whatever your reason to visit the European Union, one thing’s for sure – you will return wide eyed, speechless and changed.