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Skocjan Cave complex, Slovenia - Part of the plateau from where the word ‘karst’ itself originates, the Skocjan Caves are a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. The 11 cave complex has huge underground halls, gorges, natural bridges and the River Reza rushing through it. Want more reason to make the stop? It is the largest known underground canyon in the world!

Postojna Cave complex, Slovenia – The most visited cave in Europe, Postojna Cave unfolds nearly 20 km of passages, galleries and chambers. A classic ‘karst’ cave, the topography is replete with speleothems: calcite formations, stalactites and stalagmites in all shapes, colours and age. The best part, you can take a train ride inside!

Pálvölgyi Caves, Hungary – The astounding stalagmite formations of the Pálvölgyi caves that stretch for about 18 km, is reason enough reason to stare open mouthed!

Paradise Cave, Poland – A beautiful limestone cave, it has eye catching karst formations. This natural complex of corridors and tunnels will stun you with extraordinary shaped stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates.


Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia – Nestled in the mountainous Karst region of central Croatia, this park is famous for its cascading ‘lakes’, each of which changes colour constantly. The limestone topography is known for sinkholes and caves as well.

Lake Bled, Slovenia – A blue-green gem surrounded by the peaks of the Julian Alps, it is one of the country’s top attractions. Take the 6 km walk around the lake or hire a boat, swim in its waters (warmed by thermal springs) or simply drink in the view.

5 Ponds Valley, Poland – Tucked away between 1,600 & 1,900 mts above sea level, the five ponds of this post glacial valley are sights to behold. Named Great, Back, Black, Small and Front, they look like they’ve been painted into the landscape. The 70 ft Siklawa Waterfall leaping into the Roztoka valley is another bonus sight in the area!

Białowieża Forest, Poland – Swathing large areas of the Poland-Belarus border, this is Europe’s oldest forest. Home to mighty oaks and majestic Wisents, the heaviest land mammal in Europe, even a small walk here should remind you of the transience of human existence.

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The ‘city of spas’, is fed by 118 hot springs, complete with historic bath houses from ancient times.