Wild Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud forest – Over 100 species of mammals including all 6 cats – Jaguars, Ocelots, Pumas, Oncillas, Margays & Jaguarondis are found here, along with 400 types of birds and countless amphibians & reptiles. Visitors can do a sedate canopy walk or zip line over a series of 10 cables!

St-Elena Cloud forest – In the same region, matching the more popular Monteverde species for species is the St Elena reserve. The bonus, it is the destination for spider and howler monkeys.

Manuel Antonio National Park – Meet the Two-Toed Sloth, the Coatamundi and the rare Squirrel Monkey at the Manuel Antonio National Park, a bio-diverse area that packs in rainforests, beaches and coral reefs. Children will be thrilled to participate in the ‘Kids Saving the Rainforest’ initiative, where they interact with some of these unique creatures.

Humming Bird Garden, La Paz Waterfall Garden – Meet the world’s smallest birds (over 26 types of them), feed them using hand held flower feeders and enjoy the natural waterfalls, rainforest and wildlife in this 70-acre park.

Footprint Favorites

Mt. Arenal

At 5,437 feet Volcán Arenal, as the Spaniards proudly call it, looms large and ominous over the pastured green hillsides that surround it.


Footprint Special – Hiking the flanks of an inactive, smoking volcano.