Culinary China

Shanghai Street Food Trail – It’s a slice of the city where slick bankers argue whether ‘clear water’ buns are better than ‘troubled water’ buns. Where serpentine queues form for scallion oil pancakes. Work your way past juicy Xie Huang (crab shell buns), Shēng Jiān, crunchy Guō Tiē, filling Qiangbings, and sizzling, smoky Shaokaos. Round it off with Chinese egg custard tart.

Defachang 18 Course Dumpling Banquet – In Xi’an’s oldest and most popular dumpling house, a record breaking 318 varieties of dumplings are served. Taste everything from duck to lotus dumplings, the shape indicating the stuffing inside. There’s also a ‘power dumpling’ lunch for the suit types!

Hangzhou Culinary Trail – The natives of Hangzhou take their food very seriously. This amazing culinary experience includes a visit to the Hangzhou cuisine museum and the Shengli River Food street, a trip to Snack Alley, near the West lake, where centuries old restaurants still ply customers with delicacies and rounds off with a cooking class that lets you try your hand.

Footprint Special – Dedicated calligraphy and painting classes encompassing traditional Chinese techniques.