Adventure Cambodia

The Lost City Trek, Phnom Kulen – Trek up Mt. Kulen, supposed location of Mahendraparvata, the lost city, to see startling sights like gigantic stone elephants & lions at Srah Damrei & Damrei Krap. End at Prasat Rong Chen, remnants of a three tiered temple, where Jayavarman II was declared universal monarch.

Beng Mealea Trek – Beng Mealea is a true Indiana Jones style experience, complete with a massive moat and ruins that peep out from the foliage.

Temple Run on cycles – See the famous sites & the lesser known ones on wheels. These easy day rides take you to the back roads and hidden dirt trails, away from the busloads.

Bird Tours – Spot exotic water birds in an easy day trip to Prek Toal sanctuary.Catch the Spot-billed Pelican, Milky Stork, Lesser & Greater Adjutants, Black Headed Ibis, Fish Eagles and even the rare Masked Finfoot. These are however, dry season specials only.

Footprint Special – Personalized cooking classes to learn the 3,000-year-old Khmer cuisine and a multitude of adventure activities.