Wild Brazil

Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sol Jaguar tracking – Spot the elusive jaguar in its natural habitat with Jaguar tracking tours conducted in small motorboats.

Horse Safaris – Join Pantanal cowboys on horseback for an unmatched journey into the floodplains.

Desert Safari, Jalapão, Tocantins – A topological conundrum, the Jalapão desert has African savanna vegetation, 40 m high dunes, colour changing Chapada mountains, waterfalls and the Poço do Fervedouro where the underground water pressure keeps you floating.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, Novo Airão, Amazonas – Swim with Pink River Dolphins in this mosquito-free eco lodge.

Beaches of Brazil – From the well documented to little known fishing hamlets, Brazil has a plethora of stunning beaches.

Footprint Favorites

Rio Carnival


Life’s a blur of unending Samba, mind blowing parades and unrestrained fun. Live it up at the Rio Carnival!


Footprint Special – It ain’t Brazil if there’s no futebol! We can arrange for the complete stadium experience at any location of your choice.