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Hideaway Luxury in Giske Island, Norway

Hideaway Luxury in Giske Island, Norway

December 7, 2020

Cradled in the midst of the snow-tipped Sunnmore Alps, in the heart of Giske Island is a dream-come-true hideaway gem, – 62° Nord’s Owner’s Cabin. With a white sandy beach at your doorstep, and the endless ocean beyond, it does feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Here is where you come for some down time from your daily humdrum, to touch, feel and explore pure nature in the company of family and friends.

Barely a 10-minute drive from Alesund airport, Giske Island is a small commune in Romsdal that once used to be the home of royal Viking families. The cabin itself is a chic-n-cosy Nordic-inspired haven with a living room, a dining space with kitchen and 3 large bedrooms. Hues of white & beige dominate the interiors – from the wooden floors and the drapes to the sofas and beds. You can even put in a request for a private chef who will be more than happy to whip up some fresh local fare, and modify to suit any of your food preferences.

Hop across to spend time in Alesund – the charming seaside hamlet that has you spell bound in a time warped state. Sitting pretty between the fjords and the ocean, the Art Nouveau style of architecture complements the chic and artisanal restaurants, bakers and ateliers that have set shop here. It’s where conventional meets contemporary giving you a feel of the heritage of the town alongside the innovative spaces that have popped up over the years. 

Follow the creative spirit and explore some artsy spaces. Catch some contemporary showings at the Art Nouveau Gallery and KHÅK Kunstahall, or be immersed in art, design and architecture at the Kunstmuseet KUBE. Check out the intricate sculptures and jewels at Gallery Artifex and admire the paintings of old Scandinavian Masters at Galleri Hersleb.

If you are looking for Norwegian memorabilia, Alesund has got you more than covered. Whether it is at Devoldfabrikken, Alesund’s industrial chic shopping space for boutique stores or the very many kitschy and artsy little shops that line the streets of Alesund, you are sure to find something original and local.

Definitely worth the panorama is the city train ride up to viewpoint Aksla from where you can see the town and archipelago all the way to the Sunnmore Alps. Get yourself the heavenly smelling locally brewed coffee – perfect company to immerse yourself in the eclectic vibe of the town!

If you plan to visit in summer or autumn, step onto a zodiac boat and explore the surrounding ocean life on a wildlife safari. The hotel arranges for the cruise and ensures that the best guides accompany you. 

Crooning wild puffins greet you in Runde Island as do the kittiwakes with their antics. Majestic sea eagles swoop in and out of the waters and hundreds of seals in the seal colony complete your rendezvous with the Arctic wildlife.

Spend your time cycling about the farmland, meeting some cows or go kayaking and spot seals and orcas. Wake up to the sound of the waves, catch some sun, and just lounge around in the cabin. What stands out singularly though, is the heli-ride that the hotel organises. Glaciers, fjords, mountains, waterfalls and the ocean all of them vying for attention as you soar over them, a truly magical way to marvel at the fjordland!

Well, you could of course get lucky, and meet some celebrity at the Ocean Sound Recordings Studio in Giske where musicians love to get off the grid and concentrate on getting their composition right! Take a peek at the wealth of recording equipment and vintage instruments – an absolute delight!

Enjoy the simple hytte kultur (cabin life-style) in the land of Royal Vikings!