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Freefalling amidst the Alps

Freefalling amidst the Alps

July 12, 2016

From the Rope Park in the heart of Interlaken to the swell slopes perfect for skiing in Zermatt, Pavithra and her daughters had a blast as they traversed a lesser followed route through the Swiss countryside.

Pavithra, Namratha and Manasa began their adventure at Interlaken, where the mighty Jungfrau, in its breathtaking capacity watches solemnly over its citizens. The Swiss horizon is known for the Alps while the cities are known for their modernism. However, when Pavithra wanted an unforgettable holiday, it was quite a challenge combing through the obvious tourist spots to find her those experiences that would truly make it a Footprint Holiday. Made more special by the fact that it was Namratha’s birthday week, the pressure was on.

Like a movie that builds to a climax and ends in a resolution, the holiday played out beautifully catering to the adrenaline junkies with a calm start. The Rope Park at Interlaken was such a favorite that the kids did not wish to leave! Although there were some falls along the way, their grit and conviction kept them going. Traipsing along rope bridges and scaling rope ladders were just a few of their favorite things, while a zip-line thrown in the mix kept the blood pumping.

Keeping in tune with the slow crescendo was the journey up Jungfraujoch the next day, for it would be a crime to miss this spectacular beast of a mountain having traveled all the way to Switzerland. Although understandably a little crowded, the train ride to the top was quite the Polar Express moment with some views that looked like they were straight out of the movie! Although they didn’t get fancy golden tickets to keep as souvenirs, they had a relaxing time at the Ice Caves and viewing deck.

The true adventure began the next day with skydiving; the memories of which are now safely seared in their minds and the bar raised for the standard of subsequent adventure holidays. Pavithra is a skydiving connoisseur of sorts but this was her first time stepping off a chopper at 13,000ft. While she has plummeted from the skies in the hot desert of Dubai and experienced the marine view in Australia, she was not quite prepared for a view of craggy, snow-capped mountains giving way to lush meadows surrounding a pristine lake. The rush extended to a quick jet boat ride around the Lake of Brienz.

From Interlaken, the group proceeded to Montreux where they spent the next day on an epicurean excursion sampling chocolate and cheese aboard the Chocolate Train. From Montreux to Zermatt was another three-hour train journey that culminated in a day spent at leisure.

The climax came to a close with a private skiing lesson on the following day at Zermatt. The private instructor had on hand all the essential equipment and strapped the girls snuggly into their ski clothes. The girls felt like pros after a few tumbles! When asked to pick their favorite experience of the trip and the girls said that the skiing lesson was a close second, but all three unanimously agreed that skydiving stole the limelight. The ladies spent the next few days coming down off their adrenaline high and took to private e-bike tours and lazing around the countryside.

The final day was catered to Namratha. Since she is a foodie and has a vested interest in the culinary arts, we decided to offer them a unique chocolate workshop experience. This proverbial cherry on the top was well enjoyed and the girls had a blast molding chocolate shoes and teacups that they took home as souvenirs.

We’re so happy to have helped Pavithra unwind with her girls in such an adventurous fashion. It was a true thrill for us to find little gems on our journey to give them the best holiday.