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Caving in Cherrapunji

Caving in Cherrapunji

April 7, 2016

A Footprint Special offered as part of a NE Road Expedition


The limestone formations at Krem Mawmluh, off Cherrapunji in Meghalaya make for an amazing caving adventure. Exploring these caves under the tutelage of an experienced guide complete with equipment, makes for a scintillating and holistic experience. And that is precisely what Footprints delivered as evidenced by the aforementioned testimonials.

“A road trip – Bangalore to Cherrapunji – 16 days – 6 men – 400kms a day – a lifetime experience”

From the moment the brief arrived at Footprint Holidays, we researched and collated every tidbit to create the perfect itinerary for the group. After many a sleepless night, and countless conversations and iterations, the result was an incredible plan highlighting the best and rarest sights of the Coromandel Coast and beyond.



The bounding group of friends set off from Bangalore streaking past the southern states with intermittent pit stops at exceptional locations. They found themselves rejuvenated as they breathed in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee at Araku (off Vizag), took in the sea and scenery at the beaches of Puri and marveled at the architectural brilliance of the Konark Sun Temple, before making their way to the bustling metropolis of Kolkata. Beyond Kolkata, Mother Nature truly took over in all her splendor with the drive from Guwahati (the gateway to the North East) opening to stunning views of the North east and beyond.

After a good night’s rest at the Polo Orchid Resort in Cherrapunji, the team, with growing anticipation, made their way to Krem Mawmluh, the 4th longest cave in India, not knowing that what awaited them was an adventure of a lifetime. After a round of safety briefing by the pre-arranged guide (which included basics of caving and the usage of custom fit caving equipment), the group trekked their way through a winding jungle path to the cave entrance; a lesser known one and far away from the milling crowds.

Over years of slow development, the stalactites and stalagmites at Krem Mawmluh have formed exquisite pillared halls and narrow corridors forcing the explorers to walk single file, aided with torch lights and miner helmets.

As they headed deeper into the cavern groping the walls, their dexterity was further put to the test by having to wade through knee deep waters, crawling on all fours and in some places even getting down and dirty. These experiences though challenging, put a wide smile on their faces in reminiscence of childhood days long gone.

All the hard work came with a prize – a rewarding and gorgeous, natural skylight that served as an awesome photo op besides a place to rest and contemplate in silence on the beauty of nature. Her effulgence consumes us all in the most serene of moments for when we are one with nature; we are truly ourselves in the barest of notions.


Making their way back to the cave entrance, the group after many clicks, bid farewell to the guide and the caves taking with them memories that were far too etched to be forgotten. It was now time to reflect on the past four hours and hit the road once again for the next adventure.

The limestone caves in Cherrapunji is a treat for anyone seeking a half to a full day chock full of adventure. The caving experience in Cherrapunji is possible during the drier months from November to March. Also average fitness and dexterity would be the standard asks for anyone desiring to savor this experience. The above experience is a Footprint Special among many others.