Adventure Bali

Sunrise Trek at Mt. Batur – One of the most preferred trekking/cycling spots in Bali, don’t miss the early morning climb/ride to see the sun light up the crater and the magnificent countryside around.

River Rafting, Ayung & Telaga Waja Rivers – Try white water rafting on the Ayung river. Kids as young as seven can participate. Want more churn & burn? Go further to the rapids of Telaga Waja.

Sea Walking, Sanur Beach – Don your sea walker helmet and hit the ocean floor. Watch inquisitive fish and marine life swarm around you, while you enjoy the sea garden and vibrant corals.

Snorkelling & Diving at Jimbaran Bay – Explore the Indian Ocean & exquisite coral reefs in the Jimbaran area.

Footprint Favorites

Hidden Temple Walk


Gunung Kawi offers treasure hunters and sculpture lovers a veritable treat.


Golf Asia

Given its near cult status in Asia, there is absolutely no shortage of designer courses set against some of the most dazzling natural backdrops.


Footprint Special – Mouthwatering deals & appointments at the most exclusive spas; Private, guided tour of Green School; Chic Jimbaran BBQ by the beach at sunset.