Bad Schandau


Nestled by the River Elbe in the Saxony region of Germany, Bad Schandau, with its inviting terrains and picturesque trails will offer you treats at almost every turn. Extensive cross-country trails or simple pathways, Bad Schandau has something for every one. Each trail has its own tracker symbol. A map with the markings will keep you good company through your hikes.

Sketch your way through The Painter’s trail - a 14 km stretch across the countryside. Stop by at vantage points, where Caspar David Friedrich sketched, painted and noted down the scenic overload for posterity. Follow the sun as it manipulates the sundials strewn all over Krippen in the Sundial trail.

Pawprints paved on stones will delight the naturalist in you as you try to get up close with the shy cat, the Lynx. The trail leads you through the town centre, into the National Park and finally to the Lynx enclosure.

Bad Schandau proudly flaunts the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, bordering Saxony and the Czech Republic. The sandstone façade carved by erosion, allows the Elbe to brave its way through it. If you are game for serious hiking and climbing, the mountains are all yours to explore. Feast your eyes on bizarre rock formations and stunning views.

As a last word, do not forget to give those sore muscles a thorough pampering at Bad Schandau’s famed salt spas!