Cultural Austria

Schönbrunn, Vienna – Considered by many to be the best sight in Vienna, this summer residence beckons you with imperial gardens, superb architecture and a stunning collection of artefacts, furniture, crockery and more.

Hofburg, Vienna – The former imperial residence holds court in royal style! Discover Empress Sisi’s obsessions, passions and quirks. Watch the Lipizzaner Stallions at practice and keep an ear out for the Vienna boys’ choir in the chapel.

Ringstrasse, Vienna – A stroll down this boulevard is a practical lesson on the country’s rich history and culture.

Cathedral of St. James, Innsbruck – The sheer wonder of its lavish baroque interiors, will leave you awestruck.

Small historic towns of Austria – 5 routes to choose from, 15 unbelievably beautiful, historic and picturesque towns to visit. On course are Bad Ischl known as the Emperor’s town, medieval Feldkirch and Gmunden (known for its ceramics). This trip also takes you to Austria’s culinary heart. Savour venison, fresh fish from mountain lakes, regional cheeses and tavern specialties. Or simply pick route 5, devoted to wine and vineyards!