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Liuwa Plains, Zambia – Remote and sparsely visited, these plains host the second largest Wildebeest migration in the world. Birds, Cheetahs, Lions and Wild Dogs also flourish in these green and gold grasslands.

Kafue National Park, Zambia – Larger than Wales, the oldest park in Zambia is not usually on the tourist radar. Visitors will be rewarded with acres and acres of virgin wilderness and sightings of elusive creatures such as the Blue and Yellow-Backed Duiker Sitatunga, Lechwe, Leopard, Cheetah and the African Wild Dog. Few parks in Africa offer more birding opportunities or unusual species like the Pangolin, Bush Pig, Spring Hare, Aardvark, Civet, Caracal, Wild Cat, Oribi, Roan and Honey Badger.

Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe – Meaning ‘four’ in the Shona language, the 4 oxbow pools see herds of Elephants, Hippos and Crocodiles. Stay at some of the best riverside camps on this 2,500 km riverfront.

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Walking Safari

South Luangwa

Land Rovers are for sissies. Get the essence of the bush on a walking safari at the South Luangwa National Park.